Join Group Committee

The group committee is responsible for servicing and supporting the Elmira Scouting Group program as a whole and includes assessing the needs of the group and to ensure that tasks and responsibilities are achieved. The following is a list of the various positions in the group committee.  Most positions are currently held by individuals who also serve as Section Scouters and who would be more than happy to step down, as Scouts Canada encourages parent and/or community volunteers to these positions.

GROUP COMMISSIONER (Philippe Bertrand & Brian Soehner)
Principal point of contact for the Group. Assumes the leadership of a Group Committee. Previous Scouting experience an asset but not required.

GROUP ADMINISTRATOR (currently seeking)
Administer the non-program activities that are related to the Group. ie. Corporate Fundraising letters.

GROUP TREASURER (Pandora Wilhelm)
Effectively record, maintain, plan and explain all financial matters pertaining to the Group.

Record and maintain minutes and decisions made as well as compose other correspondence as required by the Group Committee.

GROUP REGISTRAR (currently seeking)
Register all members through Scouts Canada’s Membership Management System. Organize a pre-registration program in the spring for new and returning members as well as a fall registration process.

Maintain and update the website including updating on-line Calendar, posting schedules, and design improvements for more interactivity.

FACILITIES MANAGER (currently seeking)
Purchase, maintenance and insurance of equipment and Scout Craft Building.

COMMUNITY MEMBERS (currently seeking)
Non-scouting members of the community are invited to come to our monthly group committee meetings.